How to Organize Medical Payments Following a Car Crash

A car crash can bring upon you a lot of financial stress. You might have injuries you’re now trying to pay for, a car you’re trying to fix and could also be out of work while you recover. How are you going to pay for everything? Luckily, you have the option of filing a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company, but what if that doesn’t go very well? What if you feel you should receive more than they are offering?

This is often the point at which someone hires an attorney. You might file a lawsuit against the responsible party in your car accident, but you’ll still need resources to pay your medical bills in the meantime. How can you do that?

Using Your Personal Health Coverage

In many cases of car accident injuries, you can use your personal health coverage to pay for the medical bills. Your insurer will often place a lien on your settlement to be reimbursed as soon as your case has been completed, so it’s important you let the insurer know you’re in the middle of a court case. Personal health insurance varies by state, insurance company and individual, so be sure you’ve spoken to someone who can detail your coverage.

Applying for Government Assistance

There are multiple programs run by the government to aid individuals at a certain income level with health care costs. Medicare and Medicaid are two of the most well-known, but there is also a Veterans program and other similar types of specific coverage. If you qualify, these programs can help you pay for the medical bills that come your way, and could possibly pay retroactive coverage as well.

Asking for Assistance

Your medical providers may assist you in getting your bills paid. Speak with a representative at each physician’s, therapist’s and other professional’s office to get set up on a payment plan. You could also check to see if there’s a discount for paying the entire bill in full with cash. This could make it less expensive and more manageable for you right now. If that doesn’t work for you, your provider might allow you to sign a “Letter of Promise,” which commits you to paying the bill after your case has been settled.

Contacting Your Attorney

Regardless of your financial situation, you deserve proper compensation when you are injured in a car crash. To get what you are owed, contact an auto accident lawyer, who can walk you through the process of insurance claims and lawsuits.