Accidents with Commercial Vehicles

As normalized as it has become, driving is a pretty dangerous activity. There are so many of us on the road at the same time that anything is bound to happen at any moment. Even when you are not the driver, and you are simply a passenger in another vehicle it can be a dangerous and scary thing. While on your way to work or the grocery store, there are several cars on the roads and this includes commercial vehicles and delivery trucks as well. The delivery and commercial trucks are usually owned by companies that should be insured, and they require their drivers to be licensed to drive these vehicles as well. So while it may be frightening, it is comforting knowing that the people driving the larger vehicles on the road actually know how to operate them. Unfortunately this is not always the case and should a motor vehicle accident happen, this can be extremely life altering and traumatizing.

Much like any other motor vehicle accident, there are questions that may come to mind following the incident. Wanting to understand how it actually happened; who could have been at fault, and if everyone involved is actually well. These may be the first few thoughts in your mind. Then you begin to wonder “what about my vehicle?” “What about the medical bills that are about to come?”

Larger commercial vehicles pose larger threats in motor vehicle accidents, as they can also lead to more intense injuries, as the impact could be extremely different from regular sized vehicle. There are several factors that can lead to an auto accident with a commercial vehicle. Certain vehicles, such as semi trucks, are required to make stops where most vehicles will not, there trailers are usually wider than regular vehicles as well as their cargo is often times much greater. 

Because these vehicles can pose potentially higher threads on the roads, they are required to be insured and they are held responsible for employing safe drivers. In the event that their drivers fail to honor their duty of care, the driver, the company that driver works with, and the insurance company can be seen as liable for this auto accident. Being involved in an accident with a delivery truck, semi truck, or a commercial vehicle, can be very traumatizing and may require extensive treatment. Should you or someone you know be involved in a motor vehicle with one of the above listed vehicles be sure to seek medical treatment immediately. Also, be sure to contact an auto accident attorney in Atlanta, GA to see what your legal options are and if you can be compensated for damages.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and accidents involving a commercial vehicle.