Why Are Commercial Trucks So Dangerous?

There are hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of trucks that have to share the road with passenger vehicles every year. Due to the size, height, and weight of these tractor-trailers, semi-trucks and commercial trucks, when accidents happen it can cause immense tragedy. Far too often, car drivers sustain injuries or even succumb to fatality because a truck driver wasn’t being responsible while behind the wheel. If you or someone you care about was hit by a truck driver, now is the time to seek assistance from a reliable attorney in your area who specializes in personal injury law. 

Why are commercial trucks such a danger to others?

Anyone who has driven next to a commercial truck has probably felt just how intimidating these vehicles can be. These trucks weigh on average of about 50,000 pounds or more, especially if fully stocked. They can range upwards of 13 feet high and 50 feet long. The larger the truck, the more supplies or goods can fit into a trip. Sheer size isn’t the only thing that makes these vehicles dangerous. Commercial trucks may carry hazardous material that, if spilled during an accident, can lead to fires, negative environmental impacts, and fatalities. 

What should be my priority after a truck accident?

Your well-being must be the highest priority after any kind of accident. Assess your health and the safety of others while still at the scene, and call the police right away. An officer can document the incident and write down your side of the story to be included in the report. If your car is blocking traffic in any way, then move it if at all possible. It is important that you don’t endanger yourself further or others on the road. Take pictures and video of the scene of the accident if you can. Then, obtain these details from the truck driver: 

  • First and last name
  • Contact information (address and phone number)
  • Insurance company name
  • Insurance policy number
  • Name and contact of trucking company
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number

What other elements of evidence can be helpful to my case?

If you were the victim in a truck accident, then having as much evidence as possible pertaining to your injuries and damages will be very influential to your case. If you file a claim with the truck driver’s insurance company, that agency will likely scrutinize the evidence you bring forward. If you have photographs, video, witness testimonies, and medical documentation, it will be more challenging for the insurance company to deny your claim or offer a low settlement. 

What damages am I entitled to receive in a truck accident?

If you win a truck accident claim with an insurance company or through a lawsuit, there are various types of damages that you may be entitled to receive. The extent of your injuries, medical bills, wage loss, property damage, and pain suffering will determine how much you are awarded. The best way to know how much your case is worth is to meet with a qualified auto accident lawyer, like an auto accident lawyer in Des Moines, IA, today. 

Thanks to Johnston Martineau, LLP for their insight into why commercial trucks are so dangerous and what to do if you are ever in an accident with one.