Who Is at Fault in My Uber Accident?

If you have been injured in a vehicular accident and it was the fault of another person, he or she may have the responsibility to cover any losses or damages. However, you might have questions if the other car was an Uber. Who is responsible: the Uber driver, the Uber company, or both? An accident lawyer, like an Uber accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, can answer these questions. 

Uber Drivers Are Not Uber Employees
Many people do not realize that Uber drivers are not Uber employees — they are independent contractors. The primary reason Uber did this is to avoid liability in the event of an accident, in addition to reducing company overhead and expenditures. 

Uber Does Have an Insurance Policy for Drivers
Uber drivers use their own vehicle. They are not always logged into the Uber app to accept rides. When this is true, and an accident occurs, the driver of the car will be liable if they are at fault. If the driver is logged into the Uber app, is not on the way to pick a passenger up, and does not have a passenger in the car, Uber might cover the accident. There is also coverage for third parties. The maximum amount is $50,000 per injury and up to $100,000 for these parties. Property damages may be covered up to $25,000.

If the driver is logged into the app, and transporting a passenger to their destination, Uber’s million dollar insurance policy may be available. Liability coverage may also apply for other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and underinsured or uninsured parties. Uber’s policy is typically only available when the driver’s policy limits are not enough to cover the expenses. 

When the Uber Driver Is Negligent
Let’s say you have been hit by an Uber driver. Depending on whether the state is a fault or no fault state, you may be able to file a claim against him or her. If you are in a no fault state, you can file a claim if the expenses surpass the limits of your own policy. In a fault state, you must prove the driver was at fault. After this, you can likely recover compensation from his or her insurance policy. In the event of the driver having the minimum amount of coverage, a situation common for Uber drivers, Uber may compensate you. This is decided on a case by case basis. You should have an Uber accident lawyer on your side. 

When a Third Party Is Liable
It is possible that another party, who has no relation to Uber, is at fault. This could be a third party driver, a parts manufacturer, or the local municipality. If you believe this is applicable, you should consult an Uber accident lawyer who can review your case. 

By ensuring all angles are covered, you can have peace of mind in knowing maximum damages will be available. If you would like to learn more about whether or not you can file a claim against Uber or an Uber driver, please call an Uber accident lawyer today. Thanks to Ward & Ward Law Firm for their insight into who is at fault in an Uber accident.