What to Do After White Collar Crime Charges

What to Do After White Collar Crime Charges

Being charged with any kind of crime could leave you to pay fines, spend time in jail, or face other legal punishments. While white-collar crimes are not violent, you could still face serious charges depending on what you are being accused of. A white-collar crime often involves some kind of nefarious financial wrongdoing and the people involved might be those in finance-type jobs, like bankers. These crimes likely do not involve serious, violent acts, like assault, murder, or drug crimes. 

What are common examples of white-collar crime? 

There are many examples of white-collar crimes, including: 

  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement 
  • Forgery
  • Fraud 
  • Insider trading

These do not sound like very serious crimes. Can someone get off easy? 

If you are working with an attorney, it is possible to have a reduced sentence, especially if you are able to provide the prosecution with valuable information. There is no guarantee, however. Further, many people believe that because white-collar crimes are non-violent they will not face serious charges. Depending on the extent of the crime, how much money was handled, and how many people were affected, a person could be looking at a long prison sentence. 

What does it mean if I am asked to pay restitution? 

If a judge demands restitution, it means that the defendant is required to pay the victim (or victims) a certain amount of money. This should help repay those who were victims of this crime. 

What will this do to my future if I am convicted? 

While a white-collar crime is non-violent and that may make the difference to some people looking to hire you, many people may not look at you further if you have anything on your criminal record. Many lines of business would likely hesitate to hire someone who committed a white-collar crime, especially when it involved mishandling money or funds. 

I’ve already decided to plead guilty. Do I need an attorney? 

Working with an attorney can help you to understand fully what the prosecution is charging you with and what punishments you are facing. You may think you are pleading guilty to only one thing when the actual charges encompass other crimes. Finding an attorney, like a white-collar crime lawyer from a law firm like The Morales Law Firm can help you with these charges. It is always best to go to court as prepared as possible so that you know you did everything you could to defend yourself.