Understanding Child Molestation Issues

Child molestation is a “touchy” topic that America takes very seriously. Recently, R&B sensation, Robert Kelly was sentenced to prison following multiple allegations of molestation. Unfortunately, and ironically enough, most cases of child molestation occur with the family, usually by a close, older, male relative of the victims.

Sadly, a lot of molestation cases go unheard. Sometimes the offender will be so deeply rooted in their community or family, that everyone would protect that person. And these offenders are usually very charming and anyone who doesn’t know that side of them wouldn’t fathom that they would be capable of such an act. Also, the victim will often times keep quiet about the situation in fear of being embarrassed by having the situation exposed, fear of the offender, or fear that nothing will happen to the offender.

The effects of molestation on a child can plant a seed in the victims’ mind that they carry with them for the rest of their life. These seeds can eventually lead to problems in their life later, that they don’t even realize is linked to their childhood trauma. Others try so hard to suppress the memory of the violation that they brainwash themselves into thinking something else happened or it was somehow their own fault.

This crime is one of delicate matter and should be handled immediately if someone is suspected of being violated. In this particular crime, a lot of the evidence is time-sensitive.

Molestation is arguably the most traumatic crime to happen to a child because It alters the ability for them to fully trust another human (whether family or not).

I would recommend parents speak with their children daily and understand who they are with at all times. Children are very impressionable and may forget or take an action for something less harmful than it actually is.

Child molestation is not a charge to be taken lightly. Regardless, should you or someone you know be facing criminal charges for child molestation, there is a defense available for you. Be sure to speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney with experience with child molestation and who understands the laws. A skilled Atlanta child molestation attorney will be available to review the facts of your case, hire expert witnesses, and be able to build a defense for you in hopes of the best possible outcome.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into criminal law and child molestation.