Traumatic Brain Injury From Crane Fall: Can Your Loved One File a Claim?

If you have a loved one who suffered a TBI while working on a construction site, it was likely a devastating event for him or her. These kinds of injuries are not only expensive to treat, but often life-changing. A TBI can range from mild to severe, with severe symptoms being debilitating. Medical bills and lost wages can stack up after an injury. Fortunately, there are legal options available for those who were hurt on a construction site via a crane accident.

When Crane Accidents Happen

Cranes come in a variety of styles and sizes. The crane that your loved one was operating depends heavily on the construction site itself. Crane accidents occur for different reasons. Sometimes, they occur because parts of the crane malfunctioned and it collapsed. In other instances, it might be negligence on behalf of the person operating the crane or the failure of a company to maintain crane safety.

Devastating Impact of TBIs

TBIs can be debilitating. For mild TBIs, a patient may suffer from headaches, confusion, blurred vision, memory problems, and more. Even mild TBIs can lead to extensive medical bills and difficulty returning to work right away. Many construction workers suffer a loss of income after an accident. Those who have more serious TBIs may have a headache that progressively gets worse. He or she may suffer from slurred speech and seizures. When a person falls from a crane, they more often than not have severe TBIs. These injuries can have lifelong effects.

Legal Recourse for Work Accidents

When injured on the worksite, your loved one may have recourse against the company. This case could involve workers’ compensation, unless your loved one was an independent contractor. There are a few different ways that a person can seek compensation for severe injuries. For a TBI after falling from a crane, it is often the fault of the business. Crane accidents are specific. It helps to work with a lawyer that has experience in construction accidents and TBI, like a brain injury lawyer in Memphis, TN.

If your loved one suffered a TBI as the result of a crane accident, he or she may be able to seek compensation. TBIs can be debilitating. Often, a person cannot return to the same line of work that they used to have. Your loved one could be suffering more loss than just the medical expenses. It may be the responsibility of the company, the crane manufacturer or others on site. Consult with a brain injury lawyer to find out how to win your case.

Thanks to Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC for their insight into getting compensation for a TBI from a crane accident.