Three Main Areas of Negligence in a Commercial Trucking Accident

There are a lot of reasons a semi-truck could be involved in a trucking accident. If the truck driver is found to have been negligent after an accident, there are three main areas the fault may fall in. The following goes into more detail.

Driver Error

It’s possible the actual driver of the big rig would be found negligent, for one of many reasons. Perhaps he or she was driving too fast, made an illegal maneuver or followed too closely behind a vehicle. It’s also a possibility he or she failed to look after stopping, before changing lanes or before turning a corner. Maybe there was an external or internal distraction. There’s also the possibility he or she simply wasn’t paying attention, was fatigued, was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or fell asleep at the wheel. In any case, driver error accounts for many 18-wheeler accidents.

Vehicle Error

The second main area where negligence could lie is with the vehicle itself. Perhaps the brakes went out or a tire blew out. While this is sometimes blamed on the driver due to negligence in inspecting the truck, it could be that the driver did everything right, but the truck still erred. A cargo shift could also take place, and while this is sometimes considered a vehicle error, it could also be considered someone else’s negligence, depending on who was responsible to secure the load.

Road Error

Some accidents involving big trucks don’t include fault with the driver or the truck. Instead, the road is to blame. Although the truck may have crashed into another vehicle, it could have been because the driver hit an unexpected pothole or couldn’t see lines that had faded on the road. In such cases, the company responsible for upkeep of the road would be the negligent party (which is sometimes the local government), and both the truck driver and the other party involved in the crash could receive compensation.

Getting in Contact With an Attorney

Whether you’re a truck driver or were in an accident with a big truck, it’s important you understand the particulars about negligence, fault and semi-truck accidents. One of the best ways to ensure you know everything you need to know is by having an attorney at your side. Contact a truck accident lawyer today to learn more or to schedule a meeting after you are in an accident. Whether you are the truck driver or the other party, a Woodland Hills trucking accident lawyer can help.

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into personal injury claims and negligence in a truck accident.