Receiving Compensation When You Weren’t Wearing a Helmet

Receiving Compensation When You Weren’t Wearing a Helmet

Individuals who are in motorcycle accidents caused by other drivers can often receive favorable settlements. Injuries are often more extensive than if the driver was in a car or truck, and the property damage is also often more extensive. Whether through an insurance payout or a lawsuit, the injured motorcyclist might be compensated for all expenses, and more. What happens if the motorcyclist didn’t have a helmet on?

The Insurance Company Will Downplay It

When an insurance company realizes you didn’t have a helmet on when you were injured, they will do everything possible to play down your injuries and drive home the fact you didn’t have a helmet on. Insurance companies are trying to make a profit, and if they have to pay for a huge settlement for your motorcycle accident injuries, they could financially suffer. Be careful about this and always have a lawyer by your side to help you fight against an insurance company that might portray you as a negligent driver.

Each Specific Injury Is Important

Perhaps your most serious injury is a head injury. That doesn’t mean you can’t obtain compensation for other injuries. At the scene of your accident, be sure to give the responding officer information about every little injury you are aware of. If a paramedic is there, give him or her the same rundown. When you go to the emergency room or visit with your primary care physician, each doctor should know about each injury.

The reason this is important is to show that your accident didn’t just cause a head injury. Your lack of a helmet may have caused that one injury, but there may be others around your body such as broken ribs, road rash, a severed limb, a broken leg, and a variety of others. These injuries would have nothing to do with the fact you didn’t wear a helmet. You should be compensated for all of them.

Another reason it’s important to note every little injury is because some of them may be worse than you might initially think. If you feel a small amount of pain in your abdomen, you might just think it’s a little bump or bruise, while it could actually be a broken bone or severe internal bleeding. Your doctor would need to take care of those more serious issues immediately.

Getting a Lawyer Involved

As you can see, there is the possibility of obtaining compensation after a motorcycle accident in which you were not wearing a helmet. Contact a lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer from Yearin Law Office, to get someone experienced involved in your case today.