Pedestrian Hit By Vehicle: What Are the Legal Implications?

Some very common cases of road accidents are when two cars collide with each other. Usually both drivers know how to move forward with a car accident but what happens when a vehicle hits a pedestrian? If this situation occurs you are mostly not sure whose fault it is. You might be thinking that it is pretty obvious to figure out; it will always be the driver’s fault. Surprisingly, this is not always the case. It is also because of the pedestrians’ fault. This matter can get complicated to understand. That is why there are certain legal implications for settling this matter fairly and properly. If you are not aware of these implications, do not stress out much. In this article, we will discuss the legal implications if the pedestrian is hit by a car or any other vehicle.

Certain Legal Implications for Pedestrians:

Most of the time, the pedestrians do not know what the next step should be taken to settle down the accident. If a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle then certain legal implications need to be known. We will discuss certain cases and the legal implications according to those cases. 

• Who is at Fault? 

Well, the main confusion arises when you do not know which party is at fault. Most of the time, it’s the drivers’ fault as they tend to violate the traffic laws and rules. But it can be the pedestrians’ fault too. That is why you need to consult the attorney to clear the confusion and settle down the claims imposed. Most commonly you need to consult a personal attorney to help you solve the matter immediately.

• The Intensity and Seriousness of Injury:

If you have suffered a serious injury due to the car accident then you should immediately consult a personal injury lawyer. The personal injury claim should be imposed by you to the other party to settle down your claims regarding medical expenses, finances, and the damages. 

There are cases when the insurance companies deny accepting your case or taking too long to settle the claim. The second best option is to always take your matter to the civil court and file your case under a personal injury lawsuit.

• The Driver Didn’t Stop:

Sometimes the drivers purposely do not stop knowing that they have hit a pedestrian with their vehicle. They try to simply run away. You have the right to immediately report to the police regarding your accident. The police then handle your medical expenses if the guilty are not figured out. Once the person is known, you can contact the personal injury attorney to settle the claims.

These are the 3 main cases when you require using the legal implications for your favor. If the driver denies accepting his fault then you have the right to take the matter to the personal injury lawyer or the police in extreme cases. A pedestrian accident lawyer Kansas City, MO turns to will always help you settle down the claims and manage all the documentation processes.

Thanks to Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC for their insight into personal injury claims and pedestrian accidents.