Multi-Car Accident

While you know that motor vehicle accidents are quite common, and also, in most cases, simply accidental, the last thing you expect after waking up the morning and starting your day, is to be involved in one yourself. There are several factors that contribute to motor vehicle accidents, so many that details can get blurry after a while. Especially if it is a multi-vehicle collision. You are sitting in your car, you are about to press on your brakes and as you do, a car crash occurs. Who is at fault? What actually happened? No matter if you are the individual that broke suddenly causing the car behind you to crash into you, the individual who was struck by another vehicle which caused you to then strike another vehicle, or the individual who rear-ended one car without being struck initially, the blurred lines must be straightened when pursuing a personal injury claim.

Multi-vehicle accidents are seemingly self-explanatory; a motor vehicle accident that involves multiple vehicles. In most cases, these incidents occur when one individual forcefully strikes another and leads them into another vehicle because of this. It may sometimes involve only three vehicles, and in other times involve several. Unfortunately, when pursuing a personal injury claim, the more involved parties, the harder it will be for you. Unless there are immediate witnesses who can attest to what happened, or clear liability, multi-vehicle collisions and the claims that follow can be a bit murky. Much like any other motor vehicle accident, conditions and behavior on the road all contribute to who is at fault and thus responsible. Was the driver distracted? Was it extremely rainy, foggy, or too dark? Were any drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol? All these things are to be evaluated and considered. Often times, more than one party may be seen at fault.

Because there are so many individuals involved, the drivers and any passengers, their insurance companies, and any attorneys that anyone may have hired, it is best to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as possible when you are involved in a multi-vehicle collision. Chances are, the sooner a claim is filed, and injuries are reported, the better, for the individual filing a claim. And many insurance companies fight these cases, because there are so many people involved. Speak with a vehicular accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, like The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law,  to weigh out all possible options for you to be compensated for your pain and suffering.