Lies Insurance Companies Tell You

You may think that insurance companies exist to provide financial security and compensation in the event of an untoward circumstance such as an accident. Unfortunately, this is not true at all. Insurance companies exist to make a profit. The less they payout to you after an accident, the more profit they stand to make.

Furthermore, the sad fact is that many insurance companies and adjusters will stoop to dirty tricks to avoid paying out to you what you deserve. Unfortunately, these can include telling you misleading information, half-truths, and yes, even outright lies.

Be suspicious if you hear any of the following from insurance companies or their adjusters.

1. You Don’t Need to Hire an Attorney

The truth is that the insurance company hopes that you don’t hire an attorney because he or she can explain how the law applies to your situation and inform you of what you really deserve. You may hear from an insurance company that there is nothing for you to worry about when it accepts liability. However, accepting liability just means that the insured takes responsibility for the accident. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will receive a fair settlement.

2. Your Injuries Aren’t Severe

A medical doctor is in a better position to gauge the severity of your injuries than an insurance adjuster. You should contact a personal injury attorney regarding your legal options if the insurance company disputes a treatment that your doctor says you need.

3. The Settlement Offer Has an Expiration Date

This sounds like it could be true, but it’s deliberately misleading. There is a legal statute of limitations that requires you to file a personal injury lawsuit within a year or more, depending on the jurisdiction. However, there is no legal reason why you must accept an insurance company’s offer by a certain date. It is important to know the extent of your injuries before you think about your next steps.

4. You Must Give a Recorded Statement

This is not a legal requirement. You have the right to refuse to consent to be recorded, and you don’t have to talk to the adjuster after he or she gives a disclaimer saying “this call is being recorded for quality/training purposes,” or words to that effect. The reason that the insurance company wants to record you is so that it can collect evidence that it can use against you.

It’s disheartening to think that the insurance company is trying to deceive you, especially when you are making the effort to deal honestly with them. An attorney, like a personal injury lawyer, can explain your legal rights to you and how to protect yourself when dealing with the insurance company. Contact our office to arrange to speak with one of them today.