Injuries and Illnesses Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Injuries and Illnesses Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Being injured on the job can be a difficult and unfortunate situation, especially if you’re hurt to the extent that you need workers’ compensation to make up for lost wages and medical bills. If your employer provides workers’ comp, it’s important to understand how to claim your funds and what injuries and illnesses are covered by it, so you can be prepared no matter what situation you’re faced with.

Workers’ comp does vary from state to state, so be sure to consult with a worker’s compensation lawyer to understand what your state’s specific laws are. Even if you do not have an accident, it is common for employees in some occupations to develop injuries or illnesses over time because of the work they’re involved in, termed “cumulative trauma” or CT injuries. These types of claims are becoming more common as individuals incur medical bills and determine what their employer’s insurance can help cover.

Work-Related Proof

To make the claim that your injury was indeed caused by work and not something within your personal life, you must be able to reasonably prove it. Sudden accidents are generally simpler to prove, but gradual injuries and illnesses may not be quite as straightforward. Therefore, working with a lawyer can be beneficial, to increase your odds of your claim being accepted so you can cover your medical bills. If you are hurt in a situation where you were clearly violating company safety policies, some states will still cover your injuries while others may not give full coverage.

Common Reasons to Claim Worker’s Comp

  • Repetitive Motion and Overuse: Jobs that require the use of the same muscles over and over can really take a toll on the joints. Examples include back pain, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel. Keep in mind that some states have restrictions on these types of claims, and some require more evidence than others.
  • Job-Related Illness: Illnesses developed over time due to your occupation are sometimes easier to claim than something like carpal tunnel.
  • Aggravated Pre-Existing Condition: If you have a health condition that has been made worse by your job, you are likely eligible for workers’ comp.
  • Sudden Accident: This can occur in your workplace as well as while traveling for work, especially while in a company vehicle.
  • Hearing Loss: Caused by loud work environments such as manufacturing or construction.
  • Stress-Related: Some states cover PTSD and other high-stress psychological problems that develop due to extreme traumatic events at work, such as something violent occurring resulting in death or injuries to other individuals.

Some claims are not easy to obtain compensation for, such as ongoing stress or stress caused by your injuries or illnesses. If a work-related injury or illness caused death to your family member, you might be able to claim worker’s comp death benefits. But, no matter what your unique situation is regarding workers’ comp claims, working with an experienced work injury lawyer will help improve your case and ensure your rights are protected when it comes to earning the compensation you rightfully deserve.
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