How to Proceed Following an Injury at a Construction Site

Whether you’re a construction worker or another member of the community, construction sites pose some serious dangers to everyone around. There are sometimes big holes exposed or large boulders laying around. Some construction sites have large machinery and others have small, yet dangerous tools. Even a small-scale construction site poses a danger to anyone who goes near it, which is why extreme caution should always be taken. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, so it’s important you know what to do if you are injured at a construction site.

Contact the Contractor

If you are a construction worker at the site and are injured on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Each state has a different statute of limitations pertaining to workers’ compensation, so be sure you inform your employer of the injury immediately. You may have one month, you may have 90 days or you may be asked to report the incident to your employer “as soon as possible.” Your employer will then be responsible for reporting the accident to the workers’ compensation board in your state.

If you don’t work on the construction site, but were just a passerby who was injured, you should still contact the contractor to report the injury. You’ll need to gather insurance information from the contractor so you can then contact the construction company’s insurer and begin the claims process.

Seek Proper Healthcare

Because of the nature of construction sites, many of the injuries will obviously require medical attention. If you happen to receive a seemingly mild injury, you may consider not seeking proper healthcare, but it’s important you put that thought out of your head. Sometimes injuries don’t manifest until a day or two later, so you should seek proper healthcare right away. Concussions, for example, can start to show signs a few weeks after the accident. If you have already met with your physician, you’ll know what signs to look for and can catch the concussion before it becomes worse.

Gather Evidence

You’ll want evidence of what happened during your accident so it can help you receive compensation. Whether you’re working with an insurance company or have filed a lawsuit against another party, that evidence can help you show that the construction company or another party was responsible for your injuries.

Contact a Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer could be an important player after your accident. If you have been injured on a construction site, whether as a worker or a passerby, contact a personal injury lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer, at the law offices of Davis & Brusca, LLC, for help working through the claim.