How Should I Prepare for a Consultation?

Going through an unexpected car accident not only can result in serious injury, but it can cause a host of other problems. The experience can stay with victims for a long time, causing anxiety and emotional pain. The financial problems car accident victims are left can be draining because insurance doesn’t always cover all the added expenses. If you are struggling with the emotional and financial consequences of an accident, it is highly encouraged that you talk with a lawyer to learn how you can plan legal action and pursue the negligent driver. There are several ways you can prepare for your first consultation with a top car accident lawyer like one from The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C

Write Your Statement

During your consultation, you want to share as many details as possible to the lawyer so they have a good understanding of your case. It is recommended that you create a written account of your experience so you don’t forget or miss important details. You want your statement to be as accurate as possible, so it’s best to prepare this well before meeting with the lawyer. Even if you think a detail is not significant, it is better to write it down in case it may be a potential lead in the investigation. 

Compile Your Questions

To make your appointment as productive as it can be, it’s helpful to make a list of questions and topics that you want the lawyer to speak on. A lawyer is busy working on other cases, so you don’t want to leave anything out and make the most of your meeting. If they know about any concerns you have early on, they will be able to better address them. You should also take notes during the consultation as the lawyer answers your questions and provides you with other important information. 

Bring Relevant Documents

If you have documents that are relevant to your case, you should bring them to the consultation This includes forms like medical records and police reports. It is helpful if you either fax or bring paper copies of original documents as it saves the lawyer time. 

Meeting with a lawyer to discuss the sensitive details of your legal matter can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time going through the process. Contact a trusted lawyer if you are ready to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.