How Do I Know if I Need an Alimony Attorney?

Those going through divorce, may be in the middle of a heated dispute with their former spouse over alimony. Alimony may also be referred to as spousal support, which may be established prior to or after divorce finalization. One spouse may request alimony if they are unable to uphold the same quality of living as during the marriage. If one spouse made most of the money during the marriage, the other spouse may not be able to pay for their new living expenses. 

A divorce attorney understands the ins and outs of the family court system. If you are unable to arrive at an agreement with your former spouse about alimony through mediation, the ultimate decision can then fall into the hands of a family court judge. A spouse may then wonder if they should obtain legal representation for such a dispute. 

What an Alimony Attorney Does

An attorney can offer representation as you negotiate alimony terms, amounts and duration with your spouse. Additionally, if alimony conditions were established by a judge and your partner is no longer following the terms, we can help you take legal action. 

Who an Alimony Attorney Represents

Spouses who are having trouble getting through the prolonged and often painful process of a divorce may want to meet with an attorney. It may be best to hire an attorney that has experience representing clients who are dealing with a divorce issue. To rely on an attorney who has never worked with a client regarding alimony before, could be catastrophic to your verdict. 

When an Alimony Attorney Can Be of Help

An attorney can help you get the alimony verdict you desire. We understand how sensitive of a topic money can be, especially between two spouses who are soon-to-be parting ways forever. Things can become heated, volatile or otherwise distressing for both spouses involved. An attorney can help mediate a situation filled with a fury of emotions.

Why an Alimony Attorney Can be Useful

Not all attorneys are familiar with family law. An attorney that has knowledge in family law topics such as alimony deliberations, can help when your partner is being intentionally difficult. Depending on how things ended between you and your spouse, the discussion over alimony may not go over so well. Whether you are trying to protect your finances or seek an alimony award from your partner, a divorce attorney can be of aid. 

At a law firm, they can empathize with the heartache you may be experiencing and can imagine how painful it can be to realize that you are not meant to spend the rest of your life with this person, as you likely so imagined. When destiny has other plans, an attorney can help you get through a challenging situation. Please call a lawyer right away, even just to book your consultation.