How Can I Keep a Ticket Off My Driving Record?

After getting a ticket, a driver may be worried about having their license suspended or a spike in their insurance premium costs. Unfortunately, paying a fine is usually not the only repercussion that a driver may face. So, they may talk with a traffic lawyer about how to keep a ticket from showing up on their driving record. One of the ways you can attempt to do this is by contesting it in court with help from your traffic ticket lawyer. 

What are the chances that my insurance company will forgive an infraction?

Depending on the insurance carrier you have, your agent may or may not forgive the infraction caused by the moving violation. If you have been a good driver in recent years otherwise or don’t have any other points on your record, then you may not endure an increase in your insurance rates.

But if your insurance company does decide to raise prices, your premium may increase for 3-5 years until that point has fallen off your record. Each insurance company has their own established guidelines for what happens in the event of an infraction, but in general there may be a premium hike of about 20% or more. 

Will my insurance company be notified of the infraction immediately?

As your traffic ticket lawyer may tell you, insurance companies don’t automatically receive a notice of your ticket once it hits your record. What often happens is that your record gets pulled up on a yearly basis. So, if you are able to get your ticket removed before this occurs, you won’t endure a premium increase. Your lawyer can talk with you about strategies for trying to get it off your record, or preventing it from showing up there in the first place. 

Will I be permitted to take a driving class?

Your traffic ticket lawyer may suggest taking a driver’s education class, as a way to get the point off your record. These courses are only available in certain states, and you must not only attend but also pass the course in order for the ticket to be dismissed.

Keep in mind that this is usually only a one-time solution, and may not be an option for every moving violation. The cost and schedule for these courses can vary, but if you talk with your local department of motor vehicles they should be able to give you a list of pre-approved courses. 

What does a deferral entail?

If you defer your ticket with help from your traffic lawyer in Hillsville, VA, this means that the court found you guilty or you plead to guilt, and it won’t be added to your record for a designated period of time (such as one year). If you can get through this deferral period without another violation, the ticket may be dismissed and not appear on your driving record. However, if you receive a second violation within that time-frame, then both tickets are sure to hit your record and result in a substantial insurance rate increase. 

Thanks to The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into criminal law and how to keep a driving ticket off your record.