Hiring a Social Security Lawyer

Hiring a Social Security Lawyer

When you have a disability and need to file for Social Security, the process can seem daunting. Especially when it is hard to make a living or you may be in pain because of your disability, it can seem like the process for filing for Social Security will not yield anything. However, if you work with a Social Security lawyer you may find that you have a much higher chance of being approved. This can mean that you can take care of yourself and provide for your family even if you are unable to work a job like you used to. Social Security lawyers care about seeing your application get accepted, so call an office today to see how they can help.

Do I need evidence for my Social Security claim?

Yes. It is important that you have the evidence you need when filing your claim to prove that you deserve Social Security benefits. For example, you will need documentation showing the date of onset of your disability as well as any supporting medical documents from a medical professional detailing what your disability is and how it affects your daily life. 

How do I obtain this medical evidence?

One of the most important things for your claim is submitting the appropriate medical evidence. While you may know that you need some type of medical documents, your Social Security attorney has gone through the claim process before. They know what it is the Social Security Administration is looking for when they review your packets and can help get you the evidence you need. For example, before you submit your claim, your attorney will carefully look over each aspect of your file. They will be looking for certain documents and if you don’t have them, they will make sure you obtain them before filing the final application. Further, many people “overprepare” by submitting too much information, which can be just as hazardous to the application process. When your claim is being reviewed, it is possible that the person reviewing it will get too bogged down in unimportant details if they have to sort through unnecessary paperwork. Your attorney can work with your doctor to ensure you have all the necessary files for your claim. 

What do you need to prove in the hearing process?

When it comes to your hearing, it can be a very intimidating part of the process. Your attorney will work with you to prove:

  • Your impairment directly prevents you from being able to work.
  • You fit the Social Security Administration’s definition for “disabled.”

It is important that you can support yourself and your family even if you are unable to work anymore. This is why a Social Security attorney, like a social security lawyer in Memphis TN, wants to help you. You have been through so much already, let us see how we can help. Call our office to get in touch with a member of our team now. 

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