Handling the Medical Bills Lyft Accident

Car accidents can range from minor to severe, but one thing remains: If you are in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve to be compensated. If your accident was the fault of a Lyft driver, you might begin to wonder where that compensation is going to come from. As the medical bills start rolling in, you could really begin to worry. The following are some ways to get your medical bills paid after a Lyft accident.

The Lyft Company’s Insurance Coverage

If the Lyft driver who caused the accident was transporting a passenger, the Lyft company offers a certain amount of coverage per person per accident. Whether you were the actual passenger or another individual in another car, you are entitled to that coverage. Lyft might put up a good fight, so you and your lawyer should be prepared with plenty of evidence that shows the driver was transporting someone and that the driver was the cause of the accident.

The Driver’s Personal Insurance Coverage

If the Lyft driver was off the clock, Lyft wouldn’t have any responsibility for the accident. You would then get the driver’s personal insurance information and contact his or her auto insurance company directly. There’s a chance this could take some time, as the insurer could try to project blame onto you or the Lyft company, but with an attorney’s help, you can get the compensation you deserve.

Medicaid or Medicare

Even if you plan to receive a considerable payout from an insurer, you’ll need to get your medical bills paid in the meantime. Try applying for Medicaid or Medicare. If you qualify based on income level, age and some other factors, this could be one of your best options.

Your Own Health Insurance

Another way to pay your medical bills while you wait for the claims process to play out is through your own health insurance coverage. Chances are the health insurer will require compensation from what you receive, but it can bridge the gap between your accident and finally getting the compensation you deserve.

Getting a Lawyer’s help regardless of where you turn for compensation, it never hurts to get a car accident lawyer involved. In some cases, you end up suing Lyft or the Lyft driver, and having a lawyer on hand will be a huge benefit.