Enduring Probate and a Loved One’s Passing with the Help of a Therapist

If you recently experienced the loss of a loved one, you may be feeling overwhelmed with emotions. You might feel incapable of dealing with even the simplest of tasks, much less taking on the role of executor of the decedent’s estate. If the estate must go through probate, it can feel even more exhausting if you have never been through the process in the past. It can be very challenging to work through the grieving process if one is having to focus on practical matters that have legal consequences such as probate, even with the legal help of a probate lawyer in Folsom, CA. Sessions with a trained therapist can be invaluable when walking between emotional turmoil and the need to fulfill one’s commitment to a loved one who has passed away.

Work Through Your Grief

It’s unrealistic to expect that after the loss of a close friend, spouse, or family member, that one’s life will not be impacted. Many people experience confusion, anger, depression, and other feelings and these feelings affect every area of their life. It can make it difficult or impossible to get up in the morning, complete their job duties, and maintain healthy personal relationships. Conversely, attempting to put aside one’s feelings and emotional turmoil is rarely effective, and it can result in developing serious health conditions. Working with a therapist is a healthy approach for expressing and working through the myriad of feelings that come up after a major loss. In creating a safe place for dealing with one’s loss, it can also create room and emotional stability for handling practical responsibilities. Going through the process of probate may be easier if there is an emotional support system in place.

Find Peace after Loss

The process of going through probate can be simplified and possibly streamlined with the help of a probate lawyer, but it’s essential to practice self-care. By taking care of one’s self and allowing time to grieve while still handling responsibilities, with time it may be possible to find peace after losing someone special.

Learn Tools and Strategies for Coping

In the immediate aftermath of losing someone close, it’s natural to feel emotionally disoriented. Day-to-day activities that may have seemed mundane in the past can become suddenly difficult. Life itself may seem to lose meaning. Another difficulty that many encounter during the grieving process is the sense that one’s friends and usual support system do not seem to understand what it’s like to lose someone. Or, they expect the individual to “get over” their grief within a short, pre-defined but vague time period that does not match the real life experience of the loss. A grief therapist can provide much needed guidance in how to cope with these interactions and how to cope with one’s grief, as well. 
Thanks to the Yee Law Group for their insight into estate planning and enduring probate with therapy.