Does Workers’ Compensation Only Cover Injuries at the Office?

A bad day at the office could end in more than just a headache. The stress of the daily grind may not be the only thing that should worry you. If you get injured at work, you’ll have to deal with the pain and inconvenience that follows.

Getting hurt on the job site may qualify you for workers’ compensation. Are there other situations where workers’ compensation covers an injury occurring during your workday? You may be surprised to learn that there are instances where offsite injuries may entitle you to file a claim and receive benefits.

Running errands offsite for the boss 

As a dedicated worker, you take pride in being a proactive team player. When the boss asks you to perform a task or tackle another project, you comply. There are times when you may be going to lunch, and your boss asks you to run an errand. When this happens, your trip to and from the task becomes part of your work duties. As such, if you get hurt in an accident during this time, you may be covered by workers’ compensation. Once you have finished the job and divert back to your lunch plans, the coverage window closes.

Making deliveries as part of your work duties

Some positions require frequent trips off the property to deliver and pick up items. When off the job site performing a job expected as part of your position, you may be covered by workers’ compensation. Not only is the trip to and from the office covered, but so are any diversions you must make. If you pick something up but must take it to elsewhere before returning to work, the entire trip is attributed to work responsibilities, and thus, covered.

Injuries at a work event

Company picnics, parties, and team building events are just a few examples of company-mandated events out of the office. If your employer gives you a choice between attending a particular event or working your normal position, attendance is considered voluntary. However, if attendance is mandatory, then it may be deemed as an ordinary course of business. This designation is critical as it means any incident that occurs at the event may be covered as if it happened at the office.

A workers’ compensation attorney, like a Newark workers’ compensation attorney, can provide valuable insight into what type of incident is covered under the workers’ compensation umbrella. Getting the relief you need for your ailment may require the help of an expert.

Thanks to Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. for their insight into what is covered by workers’ compensation.