Difference Between a Tractor-Trailer Accident and a Car Accident

Tractor-Trailer Accidents

You might be tempted to think that a truck accident, and what happens after the accident, is similar to a car accident. There are some important distinctions to make if you have experienced a truck accident and knowing how to handle the situation is vital if you intend on obtaining full coverage for damages and injuries.

More Severe Accident

With tens of thousands of pounds rolling down the freeway, it’s not surprising that a tractor trailer can cause severe damage to another vehicle. As well, the injuries that can result can be permanent and life changing.

If you or someone you know has suffered severe injury, you are well aware of the medical bills that follow. From surgeries to rehab to life-long care requirements, medical bills from this type of accident can cause financial destruction to someone who does not obtain full compensation from the other party.

Larger Insurance Policy

Because semi-trucks carry a lot of weight and travel between states, they are required to have significant insurance policies to cover the potential damage they can cause.

With these commercial insurance policies, come very talented insurance adjusters who will attempt to put some of the accident blame on you simply by asking you certain questions and getting you to answer in a certain way. By doing this, they can reduce your claim or possibly deny it altogether.

There is a possibility that the insurance company will offer you a settlement right off the bat that may seem tempting from your perspective. If your injuries are very severe, there is a good chance that settlement will not be enough, and it is better to speak with a lawyer before accepting any amount.

Trucking Regulations

To become a truck driver, individuals must complete extensive training and maintain registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as the Department of Transportation. They can only drive so many hours per day and must keep a logbook of all of their hours and their required driving breaks.

Traveling between states adds another layer of laws and regulations they must comply with, as well as the type of cargo they are carrying. These details can prove fault on the trucker’s side if they are not up to date on everything that is legally required.

Ensure You’re Covered

Collecting fair compensation for a severe accident is critical for your wellbeing and your financial future. Speaking with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Minneapolis can help you navigate the various state and federal laws that go into a commercial accident, as well as how to speak with the claim adjusters so you do not inadvertently accept blame for something that was not your fault.

Thanks to Johnston Martineau, PLLP for their insight into personal injury claims and the difference between car accidents and truck accidents.