Common Mistakes That Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Common Mistakes That Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Riding on a motorcycle on the open road sounds like a fun time for many people. While it can be an exciting experience, riding on a motorcycle can also be very dangerous if you’re not careful. Motorcycles don’t offer the same level of protection that standard vehicles do, so motorcyclists are especially vulnerable during accidents. Here are some common mistakes motorcyclists make that cause accidents:

Careless Driving

Some motorcycle accidents are caused by pure recklessness. Unfortunately, some motorcyclists get behind a motorcycle with complete disregard of their safety. They may drive a much higher speed limit than permitted, tailgate other vehicles or swerve between other vehicles.

Poor Turn Strategies

When you’re behind a motorcycle, you have to be especially careful when making turns on the road. Many motorcycle accidents result due to the driver’s failure to estimate the distance and angle of a turn. To avoid these types of accidents, use extra caution when making turns and make sure there is enough space to actually make that turn.

Lack of Focus

Just like other motorists on the road, some motorcyclists don’t pay enough attention to the road in front of them. Unfortunately, taking your mind off the road for even a few seconds is enough to cause an accident. Stay off your smartphone and other electronic devices while operating a motorcycle. You also shouldn’t let work, family life and other things in your life take your mind off the road.

Bad Weather Conditions

Snow, rain and other poor weather conditions can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists. If the weather conditions are bad, it’s easier for you to lose control of your motorcycle even at low speeds. That’s why it’s best to avoid the roads when weather conditions are poor. However, if you have to be out on the road, keep your distance from other vehicles and drive slower.

Collisions With Fixed Objects

A large percentage of motorcycle accidents are caused by motorcycles running into fixed objects on the road. Because motorcyclists aren’t protected by a metal box, they are more likely to suffer fatal injuries.

Alcohol Use

Some accidents involving a motorcycle are due to alcohol use. If a motorcyclist has consumed too much alcohol before getting behind a motorcycle, he or she may have poor judgment and reduced reaction times, increasing the risk of an accident. Again, because the motorcyclist isn’t protected by anything, he or she is more likely to suffer serious injuries or death.

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