Choosing a Child Custody Lawyer

Determining who will get custody of your children may be the most emotionally challenging and stressful aspects of a divorce. Each parent may be trying to take the position of the primary caregiver; thereby, spending as much time as possible with the children and ensuring they are raised accordingly. However, when two parents both want the same thing, they may involve themselves in a fiery argument that is costly, time consuming, and exhausting. However, by choosing to have a qualified, diligent child custody lawyer on your side, it may be possible to reduce these complications and find a way to come to an agreement that suits everyone involved. 

For years, child custody attorneys have been guiding men and women through the divorce process. They are well versed in family law and understand that most cases involve overwhelming amounts of emotion; thus, require accuracy, sensitivity, and tenacity. If you are looking for a strategic child custody lawyer who can listen to your concerns and devise a plan of action that gets results, take advantage of a consultation with a respected attorney in your area. 

If an Arrangement Cannot Be Met, the Court May Get Involved

Through law and mediation, it may be possible for both parents to come to an agreement regarding child custody. In the event of an agreement not being met, the courts will likely intervene. If this should happen, it will be up to a judge to decide what will happen to the child; for example, who they will live with. As a child custody lawyer might explain to you, it is common for both parents to become upset when a judge rules on the case. Thus, it is encouraged to put any feelings aside for the time being and come to an arrangement that best benefits the child. It should be noted that any arrangement made, or drafted, out of court will need to be approved by a judge. It is possible for the judge to deny the arrangement, and in this case, the parents would either need to devise a new plan or let the judge make a ruling on the matter. By having a child custody lawyer on your side, the risk of this happening may be reduced. 

When You Are a Guardian Seeking Custody

It is certainly possible that a child will not receive the necessary care and nurturing by either parent; thus, they will need to be removed from the home (temporarily or permanently) to ensure they are not physically or mentally harmed. Child custody lawyers have helped adult siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other children to get temporary or permanent custody of a child. They have also likely handled cases involving:

  • Kidnapping
  • Abandonment
  • Abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Contempt of court
  • Change of orders

Grandparents Rights: Getting Custody and Visitation

Some states do allow grandparents to get custody of a child or receive visitation rights. If you are the grandparent of a child and are seeking custody, you will likely need to prove the parents have abused or neglected the child or are otherwise unfit to be parents. On the other hand, if neither parent can reach an agreement for child custody, or you are being denied the right to see your grandchild, it may be possible to ask the court for visitation rights. These cases tend to be complex and should be overseen by a child custody lawyer. 

Call the Right Child Custody Lawyer

Experience makes a difference in any family law case. If you are determined to get custody of your child, or are concerned about an issue regarding your current arrangement or other matter, it may be in your best interest to ask a child custody attorney, like a child custody attorney in Tampa, FL, to review your case. 

Thanks to The McKinney Law Group for their insight into how to choose a child custody lawyer.