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Causes Of Rollover Accidents

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While any car accident has the potential to cause serious or even fatal injuries, rollover accidents are particularly dangerous. According to national data, just under 5 percent of all serious car accidents are rollover crashes, yet these types of accidents are responsible for more than 30 percent of all vehicle crashes. The following is a brief overview of rollover accidents. For more detailed information if you or a loved one has been injured, make sure to contact an experienced car accident lawyer.

What are the causes of rollover accidents?

Studies show that one of the most frequent causes of rollover accidents is when a vehicle swerves into an object. These objects can include a pothole, a median strip, road debris, or even road construction cones. In many of these situations, the vehicle will end up hitting the object it was trying to avoid – referred to as tripping – which causes the vehicle to go off balance and flip over.

Are there certain types of vehicles that are more prone to these accidents?

The number of rollover accidents has increased significantly as the popularity of SUVs has grown. Pickup trucks and vans are also more susceptible to flipping over. This is because the style of these vehicles makes it difficult for the tires to hold onto the road if the vehicle swerves or takes a curve too fast.

Why are fatalities so high in rollover accidents?

National data shows that almost 75 percent of all fatal rollover accident victims were not wearing seatbelts. Almost 70 percent of these victims are ejected as the vehicle flips over. The majority of these accidents are the result of driver error.

How can driver minimize their risk of being injured in rollover accidents?

As cited above, the majority of victims who died in rollover accidents were not wearing seatbelts. Everyone should always buckle up when they get in the vehicle. Making sure that the tires in your vehicle are properly inflated and that the tread on the tires is in good shape. Keeping your speed at the posted speed limit and adjusting that speed according to traffic, road, and weather conditions is also critical to avoiding a tragic rollover accident.

Fortunately, vehicle manufacturers have recognized the number of factors that can cause rollovers and continue to develop technology that helps prevent them. A lot of newer vehicles are now designed with better airbags and improved electronic stability control systems that help the driver safely navigate through potential crashes.

Contact a Car Accident Law Firm for Help

Victims of rollover car accidents who do survive are often left with serious to catastrophic injuries that can have a significant long-term impact on their life. Many victims are left with permanent injuries that can even limit their ability to work or engage in activities they did before the crash. A car accident lawyer can help you obtain damages for all of the losses your injuries have caused from the at-fault party.