Cases an Intellectual Property Lawyer Handles

Intellectual property may be the most valuable part of your business. Protecting your or your company’s intangible assets can be challenging in our modern-day technological society. Everything is “out there” for unscrupulous people to see and claim as their own. As a result, you may need an intellectual property lawyer who will fight to defend your ownership rights.

Kinds of Cases an Intellectual Property Lawyer Handles

Experienced and knowledgeable intellectual property (IP) lawyers handle issues such as: 

  • Copyright infringement
  • Patent infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Non-compete, non-solicitation, and trade secret litigation

Intellectual property attorneys know how to use the law to defend your ownership of your ideas. When another person or entity attempts to claim what is yours, lawyers can assist you in defining and identifying the infringement, and seeking resolution. Resolution can be settled informally, or by bringing your claims to court. 

Copyright litigation

Copyright law protects a creative professional’s ownership of their original work. If you suspect someone is using your work without your permission, an IP attorney can address the violation and ensure you are credited and compensated for your work.

Trademark Litigation

Your personal or company’s brand embodies the intellectual property that enables the public to identify your services and products. When your brand’s ownership comes into question, IP lawyers can work to resolve issues involving:

  • Trademarks
  • Service marks
  • Product designs
  • Logos
  • Trade dress
  • Symbols
  • Colors
  • Packaging 
  • Other ways you or your business use to self-identify

IP attorneys can conduct searches, file trademark applications, and bring enforcement lawsuits to protect you, if necessary.

Patent Litigation

Patents serve to protect inventors from thieves who would copy their efforts for their own gain. A federal patent creates a legally enforceable ownership right. IP attorneys can help individuals and businesses protect the property rights of their inventions. Representing individuals and businesses in patent infringement, enforcement, ownership, and validity is a critical service that IP attorneys provide. If someone else is using your idea or has been served with a

cease and desist letter, IP lawyers can help you protect your property and your business through litigation.

Trade Secret Litigation

Litigation may be necessary if changes in staffing lead to trade secrets being shared illegally.  IP attorneys can assist you in both negotiating and enforcing non-compete, non-solicitation, and trade secret litigations with prospective and former employees. Attorneys can help you put a stop to unfair competition through filing injunctions from state and federal courts, as well. Plus, IP lawyers can help you create non-compete and non-solicitation agreements that will stand up in court. 

How to Choose an Attorney

IP lawyers should know or learn about your industry to address copyright, trademark, or patent concerns favorably. IP lawyers have a wide range of litigation experience in many different industries. Furthermore, you may need further legal representation if the intellectual property challenges you’ve endured have caused you undue emotional distress, pain, and suffering.