Can You Lose Your License From a Traffic Ticket?

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It can be a very frustrating thing to receive a speeding ticket, or any other kind of traffic ticket. However, there are more important things at stake. You may have heard that it is possible to have your license taken away. However, many people do not understand how this process works or if they are in any danger of losing their license. This simple guide will explain everything you need to know on the matter.


In the US, there is a system that keeps track of traffic violations. When you are given a ticket, you may receive a certain number of points on your license. If you receive too many points, you will lose your license. If this happens, you may lose it permanently, lose it for a certain period of time, or lose it until you fulfill some requirement.

The exact way points work does vary from one state to the next. The aspects that vary include how many points you need to receive before facing consequences, what the consequences are, and how many point you receive for a particular violation. Every state does track violations with points, however, and states share violation information with each other. This means you will still receive points on your license even if you receive a ticket in a different state than the one you live in.

Avoiding Points

There are two primary ways you can remove points from your license. They are:

  • Attending traffic school
  • Contesting a ticket

Most of the time when a point is going to be added to your license, you have the option to attend traffic school. Doing so will make it so you do not receive a point. It is time consuming and most people do not enjoy traffic school, but avoiding the point is very beneficial. It is always recommended that you do so if you have the option.

You also have the option to contest a ticket. If you think it was given unfairly, you might be able to convince the courts that you are not guilty of the violation. If you are successful, you will not receive a point and will not have to pay the fine. However, it may be difficult to win your case if you decide not to hire an attorney, and costly if you do decide to. The upside is that your ticket will be automatically thrown out if the issuing police officer does not appear in court.

You can learn more about the process by speaking with a traffic ticket attorney.

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