Being Hit by Someone Without Car Insurance

Getting into an accident, especially one that isn’t your fault, can be stressful enough as it is. But then top that off with the instance that the other driver doesn’t carry car insurance to cover your vehicle’s damages or your potential injuries. If you ever experience this situation, it’s important to know what to do, because you can probably still obtain coverage with your own auto insurance if you follow the necessary steps.

The Scene of the Accident

While each insurance policy is different, many of them require the same basic steps, but can vary on details and time limits for filing your claim. Read your policy to learn all the details so you don’t inadvertently void your chances of coverage.

Call the Cops: No matter what the accident situation is, it’s generally a good idea to call the police so they can write up a formal accident report and give the other driver a citation if necessary. The police report will help you prove your case to your insurance company so you can more easily have your vehicle damages covered.

Collect All Necessary Info: It is still important, even without insurance, to obtain the other driver’s contact and vehicle info, as well as the responding police officer’s name and badge number. If you’re able to find any wiling eyewitnesses, you should also collect their contact info in case the insurance company wants to speak with them. Other items you may want to write down at the accident scene include the location and details of the accident (location, date, time). Take photos or video if possible.

Do Not Settle: The other driver may try to settle with you by giving you cash. In most states, it’s illegal not to have car insurance, so they might be trying to avoid a significant fine. While you may be tempted to take the cash or help them out, if you don’t know how much your vehicle damages or medical bills will cost, it’s better not to accept the money.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The next thing you will do as soon after the accident as possible, is contact your insurance company to begin your claim process. T hey will ask you for all the details you collect at the scene of the accident, including the contact info of the uninsured driver and the police report number.

Ensure Your Coverage

If you’re involved in an accident that is relatively straightforward and it’s easy to prove the fault of the other driver, you should have a fairly easy time filing an accident claim. If the situation is more complex and involves serious injuries, you might consider speaking with a car accident attorney to ensure you do not, for example, accidentally accept blame and reduce your insurance coverage.

Your attorney, like a car accident lawyer in Longwood, FL, can help you navigate this difficult matter.

Thanks to David & Philpot, P.L. for their insight into personal injury claims and protecting your rights after an accident.