ATX Co-op Taxi Accidents: 4 Steps in Determining Liability

Taxi services in Austin, such as ATX Co-op, can be useful alternatives to driving yourself to work or appointments if you find yourself without a vehicle. Most cabs are available at a moment’s notice and are usually available throughout the city. However, like any other vehicle on the road, these cabs may become involved in an accident and if you are injured during such an incident, determining liability can mean the difference between recouping your losses and paying out of pocket.

1. Finding Fault 

If you were a passenger in an ATX Co-op taxi during an accident with another vehicle, one of the first steps in determining liability is to determine who caused the wreck. If your driver was using a cell phone, driving too quickly or distracted by other drivers, he or she may have caused the accident due to carelessness. If the total sum of your injuries exceeds the $300,000 insurance rider these cabbies carry as independent contractors, you may have to move ahead with filing a lawsuit against the taxi service as well.

2. Understanding Company Liability 

ATX Co-op may try to tell you that the company is not responsible for your injuries because their cabbies are not employed directly by the company but this is not always the case. If the cab driver had passengers in the taxi or was on duty and heading to pick people up, then their available or working status may allow you to seek damages from the cab company as well. If you were a passenger in the taxi, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the driver and the taxi service as well.

3. Review Accident Details 

If you plan to bring a lawsuit against ATX Co-op, it may help to review police reports and witness accounts of the accident to help support your case. For example, if the driver was cited at the scene, this likely means that he or she acted in some way that contributed to the accident. Ask witnesses to provide you with written statements of what they saw or ask them if to testify if your case goes to court.

4. Speak To an Attorney 

Taking your case to a lawyer can help you understand its viability and whether you have the right to sue both the driver and ATX Co-op. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, your attorney can help you build a lawsuit or represent your interests in arbitration if the cab company decides to settle out of court.

Being injured in an ATX Co-op taxi accident can cause serious pain and suffering, but help is available. Speak to an attorney, like a car accident lawyer from Barry P. Goldberg, today for further information.