4 Ways Expert Witnesses Can Assist in Your Truck Accident Case

Regardless of which side of the case you’re on, it might be helpful to have the assistance of expert witnesses for your truck accident case. Your lawyer can help you track down the right professionals who can testify on your behalf. The following are some ways those experts can help.

Proving Fault

If you want to prove fault, or liability, in a truck accident case, your chances of being successful could be higher if you have an expert witness willing to testify. Truck accidents carry some unique issues that only an expert can explain. For example, semi-trucks have data recorders that collect information about braking, acceleration, vectoring, GPS and steering. You’ll need an expert who knows how to decipher all of this information to show the court who is liable for the accident.

Reconstructing an Accident

Expert witnesses, such as engineers, can help reconstruct an accident for the court. These recreations give the court a visual account of what actually happened in the accident. Engineers can typically recreate speed, road conditions, distances, and other factors relevant to prove your case.

Understanding Law

The trucking industry has its own unique set of laws that regulate the way things run. Your lawyer will generally have an in-depth knowledge of these laws, but it sometimes goes better in court when a professional can give a first-hand account of these laws. For example, another truck driver should understand all the ins and outs of what he or she is required by law to abide by. That truck driver would probably be a good expert to give an account of trucking laws, making sure nothing gets looked over.

Explaining Medical Issues

There are probably some serious medical issues you’re dealing with as a result of your truck accident. Having medical professionals testify on your behalf could be some of the most compelling testimony. Doctors and other healthcare professionals can explain how the injuries likely happened, as well as what kind of treatment was required and will be required in the future. Hearing it straight from a medical professional could be better than hearing it from the client.

Getting Started with Your Case

If you have been involved in a truck accident, there are a lot of things you’ll need to start doing to prepare for court. One of those things is gathering up the expert witnesses to support your case. Contact a truck accident lawyer, like a truck accident lawyer in MD, today to get started.

Thanks to The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. for their insight into how an expert witness can help in a truck accident case.