4 Facts About Lyft Personal Injury Costs and Payments

4 Facts About Lyft Personal Injury Costs and Payments

You may find it convenient to take a Lyft to get across the city or if your car breaks down; however, despite the ease of access to these vehicles, riding in them may also expose you to the risk of personal injury. Some Lyft drivers may drive recklessly and cause an injury that could result in life-altering pain. If this happens to you, there are a few factors that could affect who pays, when you see the money and how it is divided among your medical creditors.

1. Lyft Is Required to Insure You as a Passenger 

Once your Lyft driver signs into the app and is designated as being on duty and you get into the car, the company is required to protect you with insurance. Under a law that was signed several years ago, the rideshare program must carry commercial insurance, usually in excess of one million dollars, that is intended to protect its passengers. If you are injured in an accident that is the fault of the Lyft driver, this insurance will likely cover the cost of your medical bills and future treatments as well.

2. You May Have Difficulty Recovering Compensation 

Although Lyft does carry insurance for its passengers, its drivers work under freelance operation. Therefore, if you are injured in a Lyft crash and the driver was off the app, the company may direct you to seek compensation from the driver’s personal insurance policy. If the driver has a cut-rate insurance program and does not carry personal injury insurance, you may end up paying for your medical bills out of pocket.

3. Award Money May Go Into a Trust 

If you do win compensation, both you and your attorney will likely sign a check and then he or she will take possession and deposit the money into an escrow or trust fund, minus legal fees. Once there, your attorney may pay off your medical debts from this account before you receive what is left over. This is to ensure that the award money is dispersed fairly and properly.

4. Your Attorney Can Assist With Payment Questions

Obtaining legal help can go far beyond assistance with trial matters. If you win compensation, you can ask your attorney questions about proof of payment of medical debts, tax queries and how to secure any long-term medical services you might need as a result of the Lyft crash, such as physical therapy.

Being injured in a Lyft crash can turn your world upside down, but you do not have to navigate the maze of medical costs and payments alone. Speak to an auto accident lawyer in Memphis, TN today for further assistance and information.

Thanks to Patterson Bray for their insight into personal injury claims and Lyft injury costs.