What to Do When You’re Hit by a Cab Driver

Unlike an accident with a private citizen, accidents with cab drivers differ in several ways. A cab company’s insurance may fight harder to prove the driver was not responsible for the accident since they have more to lose. You may be able to get compensated from them, or you may only file a claim with the driver’s private insurance. It depends on the situation and the extent of your damages. Here are ways to determine who will pay your bills following an accident.

Cab Services Versus Ridesharing 

As ridesharing becomes a more and more popular means of transportation, cab companies are losing out on important revenue. As a result, getting in an accident with one could mean a long road toward compensation. If you attempt to make a claim with the company’s insurance, you’ll likely be in for a fight over how much you’re rightfully due. In some cases, however, you may only file with the driver’s insurance.

The Driver’s Insurance

You file with the driver’s personal insurance if they were not currently transporting anyone, meaning that they were not technically on the job when the accident happened. Since all drivers must be insured up to a certain amount, their insurance coverage may be enough to pay for your damages and injuries. Even if they do not have enough, you cannot file a claim with the cab company if the driver was off-duty.

The Cab Company’s Insurance 

On the other hand, if the driver was heading to pick up a passenger or had a passenger in the car, the cab company can be held to some responsibility. This is because the driver is then considered an employee under the company’s policies. You can still make a claim with the driver’s own insurance first, and then make a claim with the cab company’s insurance if your costs are not all covered.

Right After the Accident 

Immediately after the accident, you should do everything you normally would in a crash with a private vehicle. Call the police, get the other driver’s information, check for injuries and talk to any witnesses. You should also see where the driver was headed and if they were going to pick up a client, as that could determine whether you can file a claim with the company’s insurance.Car accidents with cab drivers create an added element of complexity. Talk to a car accident lawyer, like from Darrell Castle & Associates, if you’ve been hit by one to discover the best route of action.