The Need for a Car Accident Attorney

Sometimes when involved in a car crash, it is easy to feel that the accident was not your fault. However, before assuming that you did not play a role in the outcome, you should wait for the accident report. Even when the report absolves you from the majority of the responsibility, you should not be too quick to file a lawsuit, and you should absolutely find a lawyer if you plan to sue.

Understanding Fault

Too many people assume that if the police report places the majority of the blame on the other driver that their case is going to be open and shut. However, many factors will determine the outcome and your ability to file a lawsuit. For example, did you know that not all states view fault the same? Some states will not allow you to sue if you are at least 49% responsible for the collision. Others do not allow lawsuits, choosing to go a no-fault route instead where all parties are liable for their own damages. If you do not understand the fault laws in your state, then it is best to consult with an attorney.

Legal Experience

If a police report specifies fault, you still need to prove your case in court or a boardroom during settlement negotiations. Keep in mind that if you are going up against an auto insurance company, the company will have a team of lawyers and researchers doing all they can to discredit your claim. For the insurer and the other driver, the goal is to limit their exposure and liability. Any time you are facing off against a legal team or a single lawyer, having your own counsel is essential.

A personal injury attorney has expertise in the law. They also have experience in the courtroom and facing off against opposing counsel. Their years of schooling and trial experience mean they are immensely more qualified than the typical person. Give yourself an advantage or at least level the playing field by hiring a car accident attorney.

Filing a lawsuit after an accident should not be done out of strict anger or want for revenge. The legal system is a tool for restitution, not vengeance. However, when filing a claim for the right reasons, you place yourself at a disadvantage if the other side has an attorney and you do not. To determine the merit of your claim and the need for a lawyer, contact a local personal injury firm to discuss your case. Contact an auto accident attorney, like the Ward & Ward Personal Injury Law Firm.