Falsifying Police Reports

Lying in any form is unacceptable. Especially to law enforcement. Law enforcement has a duty to uphold, their duty is to enforce the law. This means anyone who breaks the law is held accountable and arrested for their breach of duty to abide by the law and will need to speak with a criminal defense attorney, like from The Lynch Law Group. When there is a breach, law enforcement ensures that the at fault individual is arrested, or cited, or whichever the law for that violation permits. When you lie to police officers this can lead to a wrongful arrest and other terrible things for all parties involved. Not to mention, it is against the law. Depending on the extent of the lie, you or your loved one can face serious jail time and be charged fines for the false report and claims. The law does vary from state to state, but there are some cases where falsifying documents or a police report can lead to a felony, not just a misdemeanor. 

In many instances, individuals will file police reports against someone and give their version of the story or a version that best works for them. This does not always mean this is a lie but omitting truths in a report can end up bad for you. Sometimes, your case can even be dismissed and thrown out completely due to the lack of truths in your story. There are some individuals that do this to avoid incriminating themselves, there are some that do it just to beat the other individual to it, and there are some that do it out of pure spite. Either way, lying to law enforcement is unacceptable.

While omitting the truth may not lead to the charges on the report for you, you can receive a charge of false reporting to law enforcement. There are very minor instances where this happens. For example, getting into a verbal altercation with someone and calling the police to tell them they attacked you, when the attack was only verbal. Minor. Then the more extreme cases for example would be going out on a date with someone you really liked, you both decide to have consensual sex, but let’s say the person never calls you again. Out of anger and embarrassment, you call the police and report a rape instead.

No matter the way to slice it, if you must lie to the police it may be best not to get them involved at all. Because this will backfire on you.