Facing criminal charges can be very intimidating

Facing criminal charges can be very intimidating. If you are a defendant in a criminal case, the outcome could be life changing. The main question accused parties wonder in criminal cases is, ”am I going to jail?” or “how long am I going to jail?”.  not knowing the answer to these questions can be very frustrating. Laws vary from state to state however, in most cases the process is the same when it comes to sentencing a defendant. There is a presentence interview that is done that can potentially be the determining factor between full on prison time or simply community service or fines. so it is safe to assume that presentence interviews are quite important.  If you or someone you know is in the middle of a criminal case it is important to speak with a criminal defense attorney in your area so that when your pre-sentence interview nears you are fully prepared.

In presentence interviews the probation officer is usually the one interviewing. The purpose of a presentence interview is to evaluate your character or your history before determining your consequence for any committed crime.

A probation officer may want to review your criminal history. Your criminal history, whether good or bad, will show what type of person you are and if you are a repeat offender.  they may also want to see your employment history. If you are able to maintain a job, a legal job, this will help prove that you can be a contribution to society and live a lifestyle that is not irregular. Because the probation officer may not know you, character witness statements help a great deal as well. It helps that those that know you best have great things to say about you, your character, and your contribution to those around you and society. Character statement may show that you are a leader in your community in some capacity, they made sure that you are a great parent with children that need you around, they may show that what you were being accused of is not your usual character. All of these details matter in a presentence interview and this interview and all of the information that you gather can ultimately determine your future. It is important to take presentence interviews very seriously as they play a role in your sentencing. Should you or anyone you know be accused of any criminal offense A skilled Decatur criminal lawyer may be able to not only prepare you for your presentence interview but help you with getting the best possible outcome.

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