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Debt That Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Eliminate


There are many types of bankruptcies, and one of the most common is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Individuals who have a large amount of unsecured debt can have them eliminated if they are able to file for this type of bankruptcy. This is beneficial because even getting a portion of debt wiped out can greatly improve your financial situation, allowing you to save more money and make payments towards other kinds of debt that cannot be discharged. There are many categories of debt that many people have which can be erased. 

Personal Loans

There are many personal loans that can be eliminated for those that qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A personal loan is any loan that an individual borrows from a bank. The borrower must agree to specified terms and conditions, and must make a minimum monthly payment. Many people struggle to pay off their personal loans for many reasons, such as the loss of their job, reduction in income, and other events. 

Medical Bills

Regardless of whether you have a pre-existing health condition or not, you can face unexpected medical bills when you least expect it. People who end up in sudden accidents or experience a medical emergency often end up stuck with enormous hospital bills. Paying off these large expenses can be a challenge for the average person. As a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can tell you more about, medical expenses are one of the leading types of debt that many people have. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you get rid of your medical debt so that you can continue to focus on your recovery. 

Credit Card Bills

Keeping track of spending can be difficult, especially if you rely on credit cards to make payments that you are unable to afford at the moment. It can be easy for credit card debt to get out of control. Sometimes it can be easy to g o over your credit limit, which can introduce other problems. Whether you have one or more credit cards, your debt can be discharged if you are able to declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you would like to learn if your credit card bills will enable you to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can receive more information from a reputable lawyer according to Therman Law Offices, LTD

If you are interested in learning about bankruptcy and how it can bring you the debt relief that you are searching for, do not wait to contact a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the area. There are notable exceptions to the type of debt that can be discharged, so you may want to speak to a lawyer to make sure that your debt is eligible. Do not make any assumptions about whether your debt can be discharged or not. It is better to speak to a lawyer who can give you accurate and specific information first. To receive legal services, speak to a lawyer that many clients trust to learn about debt relief options.