Damages and Responsibilities Following a Lyft Accident

Understanding liability after a Lyft accident can be challenging, which is why it is advisable to seek legal advice. Fault and responsibility for damages depend significantly on the status of the driver when the accident occurred. If they were operating without a passenger and were not on their way to pick up a passenger, then the driver’s personal policy should cover damages. However, if they were on their way to a pickup or had a Lyft passenger in their vehicle, then the commercial policy should cover costs. Regardless, likely neither the driver nor the company will automatically cover all damages immediately. You will probably need to file a claim against the responsible party’s insurer and prove liability. In the meantime, there are several ways to pay for your medical expenses while waiting for a settlement.

1. Private Health Insurance

While your private health insurance will expect repayment from a settlement, most suppliers will allow a client to receive the medical care they need. However, the insurer will want everything related to the car accident noted for future repayment.

2. PIP

Check your auto insurance policy. Many policies have personal injury protection. While the coverage may not cover all damages, it may allow for some financial relief.

3. Medicare or Medicaid

People with Medicare or Medicaid policies can receive treatment for car accident injuries without first requesting permission. However, these government policies mandate the use of any existing PIP coverage before they will kick in.

4. Savings or Family Loans

If you do not want to bother with insurance agents or hassles, you can use your savings or ask for a family loan. While using your own money may not sound favorable, it can be a safe option, especially in cases where the fault is clear.

5. Settlement Liens

If you do not have any of the above options for paying your medical expenses, consider asking your attorney about a lien. An attorney or settlement lien is a promise or guarantee of payment upon receipt of a settlement, which means the hospital or other entity will receive payment before you.

While it can be frustrating to fall on hard financial times because of an accident, especially when it was not your fault, you do have options. To understand how to move forward with your claim and pay your bills, consider contacting a local personal injury attorney who specializes in rideshare car accidents.  Contact a car accident attorney, like David & Philpot, P.L., to learn more.