Contract Dispute Lawyer

When you are facing a contract dispute, your business may be at stake; therefore, you should not waste any time in calling a contract dispute lawyer. 

In an ideal world, individuals and businesses would be able to enter into a contract without the fear or worry that one side would fall short of their agreement. However, the world we live in is quite different. When a contract exists, there will likely be concerns over whether or not it will be upheld exactly as it should be. The truth is that problems can arise, and when they do, a contract dispute lawyer should be consulted. 

Why Problems Arise

There are a number of reasons as to why a problem involving a contract might arise. For instance, some of the terms might not have been laid out clearly. Or, there was no explanation of contingency. Regardless of why a contract has been broken or disputed, you should know that it is your right to enforce the terms of the contract through the utilization of the law. 

A Lawyer will Draft, Review, and Enforce All Kinds of Contracts

A contract dispute lawyer is well versed in disputing various contractual-related issues. However, they also assist in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts for individuals and businesses with the intent being that no dispute will ever arise. Some of the contracts they handle include:

  • Sale or purchase contracts
  • Real estate contracts
  • Home or commercial lease contracts
  • Licensing agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • + More

Material Breach of Contract

A material breach of contract is one of the most common types of breaches that result in a contract dispute. When a breach occurs, such as a material breach, it is akin to saying that the core of the contract has been broken. A material breach is also known as a total breach, and when it occurs, the damage often cannot be undone. In general, you will need a contract dispute lawyer, and one who has litigation experience. Often, the court will need to be involved and make a decision on what damages are to be paid. No two material breach contract situations are exactly alike. A good contract dispute lawyer has to offer will likely examine the problem to determine whether or not the courts may get involved. Some questions your lawyer might consider include:

Can money solve the problem? If there is a sum amount of money that can resolve the issue, it may not be a material breach. In this case, your contract dispute lawyer might suggest compensation before litigation. 

Was the breach the core of the contract? A material breach is typically only applicable when the core of the contract has been broken. If side terms were broken, but the heart of the contract is still in place, your lawyer might suggest another form of dispute resolution over litigation. 

What are the total losses? A good lawyer will consider the total amount of losses before deciding that it is a material breach. For example, if most of the work has been completed, or in other words, most of the contract has been met, it may not be a material breach. In this case, you may be able to pursue remaining compensation or damages, but it might not be a material breach of contract. 

Call a Contract Dispute Lawyer Now

Before you agree to any contract, it should be reviewed by a lawyer. In the event that your contract has fallen through, and you need legal help, call a breach of contract lawyer in Maryland.

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